Our Story

The dream of an entrepreneur

Consorcio del Valle SAC begins as a story of entrepreneurship of the Paulino family, the founder Nivardo who qualifies as a visionary man, he bet and invested in feeding the world. Currently, the company has a diverse portfolio of products, brought with an efficient production process which is essential to maintain our level of competitiveness. Consorcio del Valle has a 50-hectare farm where they produce products such as hass and strong avocados, blueberries, tangerine and some seasonal products such as chili paprika, purple corn among others. We try to give back to the community and the environment by being in solidarity with them. The development of our activities is based on principles and values of commitment, innovation, integrity, discipline, and equality.


Have a value chain in product portfolios offering the world healthy and fresh foods, a better quality of life to the team of collaborators and corporate social responsibility to our environment.


To provide the world's families with healthy and natural foods by managing and adequate distribution with good practices and international certification from the field. Strengthening the links with our collaborators by applying constant improvements in their quality of lives and developing corporate social responsibility for our environment.